Your supplier for innovative coffee flavour

DEK Berlin is a national and international supplier for the whole food and beverage industry.

With our special Fresh-brewing method we produce liquid coffees and extracts as well as special products designed to match the customers’ requirements.

  • Soluble solids of coffee in highly fluid up to pasty state with the distinctive aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  • Liquid coffee-extract with high level of caffeine (to set the trend in Dairy-Drinks) for trendy compositions like f. e. dairy drinks.
  • Our commitment to buy only exclusive raw materials with sustainable quality.
  • Innovative product development to implement the specific requirements of the customer.

Fluid coffee is a unique ingredient in the food industry. It is responsible for the delivery of the desired colour and the full flavour of your product whilst influencing at the same time the overall quality and textural characteristics.

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